Chestnut Farm House Table

Chestnut is a beautiful wood and one that’s somewhat difficult to find.  I bartered with an old farmer in Western North Carolina about 6 years ago for enough to make Kerrie her dream “farm house” table.  I’ll tell you that the farmer won the better end of the deal but I did end up with [...]

Row your Boat

I’ve got to tell you.  I love taking something that has been or is about to be discarded and making something useful.  I find great purpose in giving the outcast a new chance at life, or finding the seemingly useless and repurposing it to something cherished and loved again.   This is why I started the [...]

Tree: from fallen to furniture

I love the fact that I can find a fallen tree.  In this case a massive hickory tree downed in a wind storm on the nearby golf course.  Then cut the logs into usable materials and finally take those materials and make someone something functional for a family to have many future meals and make [...]

Urban Lumber Company – New Video

A new video from my favorite Urban Wood Guru!  Seth does an amazing job at articulating the way it feels for someone who loves working with the wood they harvested (from a waste stream),dried, milled, prepped and finished.  If I didn’t know better I would think he and I were brothers separated at birth.   [...]

Urban Wood

Our mission is to sustainably utilize local trees

The Southern Reclaimed Wood Co. mission is to sustainably utilize locally downed urban trees; to provide locally grown and manufactured sustainable wood products to area builders, artists, decorators and crafts persons as well as to work cooperatively with sawyers and small businesses to further the awareness and participation of sustainable practices in our community and [...]

new pic

Full Circle Urban Wood Reclamation

The Southern Reclaimed Wood Co. will be a full circle urban wood reclamation program which connects regional downed, urban or rural trees to the sawyer, to the kiln operation, to a planer processor, to woodworkers/artists and finally to local retail outlets including the future planned showroom and education center in Southern Pines. Southern Reclaimed Wood [...]