Our mission is to sustainably utilize local trees

Urban Wood

The Southern Reclaimed Wood Co. mission is to sustainably utilize locally downed urban trees; to provide locally grown and manufactured sustainable wood products to area builders, artists, decorators and crafts persons as well as to work cooperatively with sawyers and small businesses to further the awareness and participation of sustainable practices in our community and spur greater interest in the health and vitality of local commerce.  Utilizing “rediscovered wood” which is defined as wood recycled from demolished buildings and lumber from residential trees. The Southern Reclaimed Wood Co. will strive to reclaim the lives of dead, diseased, forcibly removed or fallen regional trees and salvaged lumber by saving them from the landfill or wood chipper, keeping them local and creating a harvest value. The primary goal is to always be connected to the community in which we live and operate as well as cultivate the belief that there is a personal responsibility to utilize urban trees and other resources in the most responsible way.  Nearly 4 billion board feet of usable lumber is thrown away every year as one third of our nations green waste.  Like many areas, the Sandhills of North Carolina is in the middle of an urban forest that contains more trees than people. These trees have been and continue to be vital to our economic sustainability and to the community’s well being.  Nobody likes to see trees go away, but when it is absolutely necessary, they should go to a better place than the landfill or burn pile.

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