Chestnut Farm House Table


Chestnut is a beautiful wood and one that’s somewhat difficult to find.  I bartered with an old farmer in Western North Carolina about 6 years ago for enough to make Kerrie her dream “farm house” table.  I’ll tell you that the farmer won the better end of the deal but I did end up with a bit of wood so I’m happy.   I’ve been hauling around the wood between three houses for that many years now waiting to have a home of our own where it would fit.  I am resolved to the fact that we will likely be in a rental for a while longer so I am determined to enjoy the moment even though we are not in our permanent housing situation.  Besides now I have the perfect helper to complete the project and it will be completed for all the fun festivities and guests we are expecting over the next few weeks.   The top of the table is 102”x 46” and is predominantly chestnut with a couple other salvaged antique barn wood planks and the base is all local hardwood posts which were salvaged from a dumpster after they had been discarded from a construction project in Ridgway.     Samuel had a fun time helping me with the legs and top.  It’s so much fun to experience the curiosity and wonder through a 2.5 yr old’s eyes.   Savoring the time with him and hoping that someday he will enjoy wood working as much as I do.

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