About SRW Co.

The Southern Reclaimed Wood Co. will be a full circle urban wood reclamation program which connects regional downed, urban or rural trees to the sawyer, to the kiln operation, to a planer processor, to woodworkers/artists and finally to local retail outlets including the future planned showroom and education center in Southern Pines. We were founded upon principals of sustainability and are cooperatively utilizing a current wasted resource thereby creating 100% Treecycled furniture, products and art as an end result. Most of the large, old growth and highly figured trees found in urban settings would be doomed to landfill waste, firewood or be ground into mulch otherwise.  The appeal of having not only local wood but “wood with character, wood with a story, wood with history” can be a differentiator from other market participants.  Our wood will be harvested or sourced only from trees that are being removed because of new construction, disease, death or naturally fallen.  Therefore, by using our lumber for building or hobby projects, our clients will be supporting a sustainable local business and giving an otherwise doomed tree a second life. Most trees in an Urban environment can live 100-200 years until it dies or is removed.  Then a piece of Heritage Furniture made from this wood will last another 100-200 years which is essentially doubling the life of the wood resource the tree produces.

This company will not typically drop trees. Southern Reclaimed Wood will work with area tree services to harvest trees and supply services to interested clients. If a client has a tree that needs to be removed they will be able to contact The Wood Coop. and we can recommend an arborist.  If the tree is usable we may be able to work with the arborist and salvage the tree once it is down to lower the removal bill and putting the tree to a good use.

We will aggressively develop a market and residual resource surplus by working with local arborists and towns to develop material supply chain through partnership and regulation.

Keeping it local – Urban Lumber is the Green Choice for Custom Milling and Lumber Products

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